2024 Patrick Newsletter

We are delighted to let you know that Patrick will be here in the UK visiting Lammack Methodist Church and meeting as many ‘Friends’ as possible. During their wedding in February 2010, Patrick and Lydia made a promise to help the lives of the orphaned disadvantaged desperately poor children within their community. To achieve this, they established the Patrick Muthuri Family Foundation. We here in the UK realised the number of children requiring Patrick and Lydia’s support was such they required help, and Friends of Patrick Muthuri Family Foundation was established.

On Saturday 7th July 2018, 25 ‘Friends’ completed the 8-mile walk across Morecambe Bay to raise funds on behalf of the orphaned disadvantaged children of Kijijone and Meru. The start of an exciting rewarding journey.

We will be celebrating this event on Sunday 7th July 2024 with the opportunity to meet Patrick. For more information, contact Alan at 07962 063472.

Primary School Education From a small start, we are pleased to confirm Friends of PMF now provide 45 orphaned-disadvantaged children with a Primary School education. Whilst there are children waiting to go to school, we have to ensure that in providing a child with the opportunity of an education, this is sustainable for the 7-year period they will attend Primary School.

Girls Always in School A critical area of support we have been able to establish is the provision of FREE sanitary products to girls at the age of puberty. Not just orphaned children but all girls attending the 20 Primary Schools receiving our support who are unable to afford sanitary care products. The scheme has helped to take away some of the stigma attached to menstruation, improving the girls’ health, welfare, and confidence whilst reducing their vulnerability.

Patrick will be with us from Thursday 4th July to Tuesday 16th July to meet as many ‘Friends’ as possible, help raise funds and make NEW friends. Thank you on behalf of Patrick and myself for all of your amazing support.

For more information, contact Alan at 07962 063472.