2024 Spring Newsletter

In November, the Kenyan Certificate of Primary Education examinations were held. Three of the 45 children you support took part, and while they all did really well, one in particular was exceptional: Sharon Wangari. Sharon was born on the 9th of February 2009 to a single mother. Her mother abandoned her at the age of 10 and has not been seen since; her father is not known. Sharon was rescued by a teacher in the village after an attempted rape one night. The teacher provided Sharon with accommodation, Patrick’s ‘Foundation’ paid for her upkeep, and we have paid Sharon’s Primary School fees. Sharon scored 369 marks out of a possible 500, allowing her the opportunity to attend Katheri Girl’s High School to study for her Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education and achieve her dream of “becoming a doctor and to live a much better life.” Without your financial support, Sharon and the other children would have no opportunity of a better life. Thank you.

We continue to fully support our Girls Always in School project in 20 Primary Schools by restocking designated boxes on a regular basis each school term or as requested by the headteacher. Whilst prices rose significantly last year, they have stabilised but at a level which many mothers find difficult to fund for their daughter’s needs, especially the orphaned and disadvantaged children who often live in extreme poverty. Whilst demand has increased, we will meet that demand because of the importance of protecting the health and welfare of these often-vulnerable young girls at such an important time in their lives.

Planning for our fundraising event to be held on Sunday 7th July 2024 is now underway. There will be an informative PowerPoint presentation explaining our Charity’s main objectives and the success of ‘Girls Always in School.’ It will celebrate what our existing ‘Friends’ have achieved in the 7 years from our inauguration in 2018. This will be followed by a buffet lunch and entertainment. Most importantly, we hope it will attract ‘New Friends’ who would like to be part of our small but effective charity that provides hope and happiness to orphaned disadvantaged children who, without our help, really would have very little to look forward to in life.

In addition, we are in the process of refreshing our website and looking to the future by creating a Facebook page. On behalf of our small committee, thank you for your wonderful support, without which we could not provide hope and happiness to those children most in need. Thank you.

Every £1 donated to Friends of Patrick Muthuri Family Foundation goes to help the orphaned children. No administrative costs are deducted. Friends of Patrick Muthuri Family Foundation is a Registered Charity 116708.