Alan Tarry – National Press Release Kenya

In the society in which I live, here in the UK/England many requests are made for financial support from charities providing immeasurable humanitarian assistance some on an international/global basis others here locally in the UK. How do you decide which charity to support, who to give to, who not to? This is not an easy decision.


For my part I wish to ensure the financial support I give reaches the intended recipient and not wasted in bureaucratic, administrative expenditure. Also for me to be able to relate to and feel part of the solution the communities receive from the contribution/support I have given.


Through being a member of the Methodist Church here in Lammack I became aware of our partner church in Kijijone and then through a mutual friend the inspiring work of Patrick on behalf of his community.


Children represent the future fabric of our society and the fact that Patrick was reaching out, providing homes, educational and welfare support to orphaned children touched my heart in many ways.


At the beginning I started by providing financial support to the Patrick Muthuri Family Foundation allowing Patrick the opportunity to help as many orphaned children within the community as possible.


In doing so I felt I was reaching out, almost touching, Patrick’s orphaned children within the community such was his enthusiasm, commitment and the level of feedback I received regarding the ‘Foundation’.


After a while Patrick asked those who were supporting the ‘Foundation’ if they would separately be willing to sponsor the education of a child as he looked to ease the financial pressure upon the ‘Foundation’ and in doing so enable more children to receive support.


This I was more than prepared to do and chose the ‘Twins’ Vivian and Immaculate. Why the ‘Twins’? Two reasons, firstly their aspirations to become a Gynaecologist and a Midwife, an area of immense importance to the welfare of the women within their community. Secondly, it was most important the ‘Twins’ be given an equal opportunity to achieve their ambitions.

Vivian and Immaculate

Also by coincidence I have a Granddaughter the same age as Vivian and Immaculate and whilst living entirely different lifestyles there are many similarities when it comes to achieving their educational grades which will influence their lives in the future.


I will always provide financial support to the PMFF for the benefit of the orphans within Patrick’s community and will continue sponsoring the ‘Twins’ until such time as they have fulfilled their educational aspirations, at which point I would give serious consideration to sponsoring another child in particular the ‘Twins’ younger sister.


I receive immense happiness from providing support to the PMFF and sponsoring the ‘Twins’ also the reassurance of knowing every ¬£1 given goes to the benefit of the community Patrick so tirelessly works on behalf of.


I would encourage anyone thinking of giving to a worthy cause to give to the PMFF and feel part of their community.

Alan A Tarry
Retired Company Director, Steward Lammack Methodist Church.