Patrick Muthuri – Highly Respected Photographic Journalist

Patrick Muthuri is a highly respected Photographic Journalist whose wife Lydia is the Secretary to the Presiding Bishop of Kenya and they have a delightful three-year-old daughter Victoria. They are a devout Christian family committed to helping those living on the very edge of society.


The Patrick Muthuri Family Foundation provides education, health and welfare support for the orphaned children within their community. All their effort and resources go into getting the children off the streets and into school.


Many of the orphaned children in Kijijone, in Meru County Kenya, end up on the streets after the death of their parents. If they remain on the streets they may well start taking drugs and living a life of crime. The children are the poorest of the poor unable to afford to attend school.


The young girls, if they are lucky, will earn a few pence carrying water all day long and are most vulnerable. The young boys often start sniffing cheap industrial glue which leads to a life of dependence and crime.